Meet your TDI / PADI technical instructors

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Monty Graham
Owner – Canada
IDC Staff Instructor

TDI / SDI Advanced Trimix Instructor
DSAT Trimix Instructor
TDI / DSAT Sidemount Instructor

Monty's diving career began in 2001 when he was trained as a deep sea / commercial diver in Seattle, Washington.  As a developer of the sidemount courses he teaches, he sets standards at an incredibly high rate.  Here at the tec center we train our divers hard but never disregarding safety.  With over a thousand certifications and nearly 700 successful decompression dives, Monty will push you to your breaking point and make you a better diver for the rest of your dive career.


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Dan Vandervarae
Master Scuba Diver Trainer - AUSTRALIA
DSAT Technical Instructor
PADI Sidemount Instructor

Dan hales from the land down under and made his way to the caribbean in 2015.  He first started his professional career in Utila and has since come to Roatan to further enhance his training.  Dan is also a member of the Coconut Tree Divers team, he is a PADI DSAT Tec Rec Instructor and Sidemount Instructor.  When Dan isn't diving he goes to "Burning Man", you can ask him about how the dress code is........


Toby Bell
Master Scuba Diver Trainer - USA
DSAT Technical Instructor
TDI Technical Instructor
TDI / PADI Sidemount Instructor

Toby has a passion for teaching and diving to new depths along the coastal waters of Roatan.  He has explored all the deep walls around the island, his teaching style will leave you a better diver and even better gas blender.  He will take you to your limits of your training and might even get a cold guinness out of him. Toby is an avid cave diver in Florida and Mexico, when he is not diving he is spending time with his wife Katie.