Already tec certified?

Let one of our Tec instructors guide you to some signature deep diving cracks and wrecks that recreational divers cannot access due to depth and gas restrictions. Exploratory deep diving off the Mesoamerican reef system has endless opportunities to encounter deep water hammerheads, manta rays, black jacks, and bottomless wall diving. We have back mount and Xdeep tec / rec    side mount rental gear available, and we can accommodate groups. 

Once you have completed your technical course with us, you can either choose to do some technical dives with one of our tec instructors or choose to continue diving with Coconut Tree DIvers and do some recreational dives with our team.


Technical dive sites

"Josie J"
A live ship wreck that is only reached by technical divers in a location that were not able to give way on the internet. 

Watch her sink in this video.
Sinking of the Josie J

Gateway to Hell

This dive site is crack in the second shelf starting at a depth of 200ft / 61mts and descends down more than 400ft / 120mts deep.  This dive is one of our favorite trimix dives on Roatan, the size of the crack in the reef lets us know just how small we really are.

Prices for guided techncial dives with coconut tree divers boats, and nitrox filling stations.

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